Máy chép ROM Sofi SP8-A - Dạy sửa laptop trực tuyến,Dạy sửa laptop,Sửa laptop chuyên nghiệp

Chi tiết sản phẩm

Performance and Characters

● USB2.0 communication interfaces (real USB interfaces, not USB to serial ports or simulated USB ports)

● Exquisite shells customized with opening moulds (cannot be caught by public-mould shells on the market), small (size: 103x71x23mm), and convenient to use and carry
● SP8 Fully supports WinXP/Vista/Win7/Win10, and perfectly combines 32-/64-bit systems
● Has built-in 32-bit high-speed processors, designed specially for serial memories, achieving high-speed and appropriate programming, and has the highest programming speed in China
● Supports nearly all 93/24/25/BR90 memories, and supports more chips through software upgrade.
● Unique ISP download ports and 10PIN color ISP download cable. On-board patch chips (such as main-board BIOS with SPI interface) can be directly connected to be programming.
● Standard 40Pin locking beds with zero insertion force, applicable to wide/narrow chips and general adapters
● Supports contact detection for pins, and improves reliability of programming
● Perfect over-current and ESD protections, and protection against accidental damages of programmers and computer USB ports
● With mass production programming, it automatically detects the position of chips and then starts programming
● Supports mass asynchronous programming via connecting several programmers to one computer. Plug and write. No synchronous waiting. Top speed and high efficiency
● You can choose offline programming: built-in 128Mbit data memories achieve different kinds of field programming without connection to a computer, and LED and buzzer present auditory signals of success or failure
● It operates easy and you can perform mass programming
● Supports low-voltage (3.3V) and 5V chips
● Provides self-detection for devices

Note: These functions are designed according to specific types, and only SP8-F has all these functions. For details, please refer to the attached correlation table for types.

Front view of SP8 (Size: 103x71x23mm)

Rear view of SP8

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